Friday, August 4, 2017

Tough guy and tough gul challenge

On Monday the young Leaders and 3 other people got to do the tough guy and tough gul challenge it is when you do challenges and you run 3km in mud and water. You go under nets and under wire with ropes. Over walls, under tunnels filled with mud. Through rivers and lakes and a mud pit (swimming pool filled with mud) It was a fun day out to do this activities there were prizes to win for your school and spot prizes. At the end of the race everyone got a lowerade drink and we had nice worm showers to clean us up and everyone got a medal.

Monday, July 24, 2017


Day 2

 I woke up feeling excite we went to go for a walk tot the cable car and it went up the hill the tunnel had lights it was beautiful. We walked around the beautiful gardens then went to the sundail. Sundial is when you stand on the month or date and were ever your shadow falls that is the time.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Then got the car and went to te papa. Last week we read about Te Papa and if you have not been there its like a musseium. The rooms were a movie papatuanuku, Earthquake room in there it had dinosaurs and a house that you walk in and it will play  a news that people are talking about there house in the earthquake. Then the house will start shaking and on the door will be you hallway, Earth, Tree house, The war room it had 4 times as bigger than me statues about the war and you can costimize your own things listen to stories and find more facts. Museum up stairs, gift shop

Then the best part of the day was armageddon. Armageddon is when famous people like the flash and doctor who go and you can meet them but unfotunitly some of them dont want a photo. You can also buy alot of things and get char32actor drawing of yourself. Some people dress up its to show off your creativity.

Then started heading back but went to say hi to Michelle. It wasnt till 8:30pm we left wellington. Max went to sleep first and then I had a nap.

That was my wellington trip.


Day 1

I felt excited packing my bag ready to go to wellington but before I get excited we need to pick up Jodie to drive her to daniverk. 1 HOUR LATER "Yay you are here Jodie welcome was that a good trip did you like it" asked clear in a nice voice. Ohk because on the way I went in the boot and got a really really sore tummy. Jodie said good I love trips and Max replied same.After we dropped of Jodie we went to MC Donald's and got breakfast and go toilet.

Before we left Mum looked on maps on her phone it said to wellington 2 hours 45 more minutes left. OH NO, because it took a long time me and max watched a movie sadly it was ice age 4. I keeped on watching the time we left at 9:15 am it felt like a long time but acculy it was 5 minutes. We reached 12 pm yay I look out the window we are in wellington.There were big building and a black tunnel on the way to the zoo.

The Zoo was great it took a long time to walk around there was fun activities like walking through the sheep touching and feeling animals. Feeding animals and  patting. Also like the Emu (ostrich) was not in its cage it was walking around.

After went to the hotel named CQ unpacked our stuff and went to food court and the mill to go for a big walk. "Man" i said its more packed then hastings. Came back facetimed my grandad then went to the hot pools on out floor in the hotel. 

Digital Graffiti

Rimu hub had to chose what kind of name tag there was. 3D sculpture, Drawing or digital graffiti. I pick the digital graffiti. For the font name it was Kodiak we got to pick the colours the pattern and the shade. I was so absorbed in this task. I love to be creative too. It said Myamoo and turned out what I was imagining. We are doing this for out tray names. Everyone got to pick what one they wanted. Mr M was very proud of all of us.

This is what it looks like.
Mya is my name and MooMoo is my nick name so that is why it  says Myamoo.

My Holiday

Week 1
So far this holiday it has been fine I would rate it a 6/10. I been staying at my Grandads playing with my cousin chaise we watched the transformers movie then played digital games and last card. When I came home I went to help my Mum at kindy. Unfortunately it was raining so we were stuck inside playing play dough, Cars, Puzzles and more. On Sunday we desicied to go to flip out I loved it my highlight was all of the tramps but I mainly loved flipping into the foam pit. After this fun afternoon I went to play with my cousins. I had alot of fun this week. What will I do next week?

Week 2
This was a lovely week. I mainly spent it with my Mum at work. I walked to the library and art gallery with the kids. We got books out for the centre and teachers. In the art gallery there was this hut made out of cardboard. I was interested in the photos. For a couple of days I was home with my dad watching movies. We watched suicide squad and Star Wars 7. I asked my Mum if I could go to kindy because it was PJ and hot chips day. There was games to lay and prizes to win. I cleaned the windows and my room. I earned alot of money by selling lemonds for $1 a bag.  When the next door neighbours came over we played ball tag on the tramp.

Monday, July 3, 2017


On Tuesday only for Rimu hub we got to celebrate matariki with doing workshops. The workshops were carving, Mural art, Cooking, weaving,  lanterns. kite making and rock art. I went to do carving in the morning and weaving in the afternoon. After lunch Karamu kindly came and presented us things about matariki.

Mural art is just painting a big poster and this year its going up by the junior toilets. Cooking was fish pie in a cup with kumara chips and fried Maori bread. Weaving with `flax (Harekeke) they made  a flower and a headband. The  head band was made for kapahaka performance. Kite making was with toi toi and flax (Harekeke). Rock making was with Mrs Coombs.


 Kite making
 Mural art
Cooking fried Maori bread

Maori hands

When I walked in the door of room 6 and 7 i was feeling so excited because it was Maori hand games. The people that were teaching us were Lucky, Jordan, Tamihana, Tu were teaching us Kururus (knuckle bones) wai (strings) Hei tama tu tama ( arm hand games) E hipi toi toi (Thumb games ) .
When we walked in they talked us what we were going to do and gave us a number. I started as a 1 and did the kururu's and learn't the 4 games. The games were called Kurupu, Kurupukarua,  it was hard and the end but easier at the start. Then I left to go to wai. We had the challenges and I won. Thank you for teaching us.

Here are the photos and a video. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Proformance hastings boys high school.

Today I was so happy when we got told that Hastings boys high school. Because it was so great I wrote a letter to them.

Hastings Boys High School Letter

Dear Hastings Boys High school

My heart raised with the pacifica group you were
AMAZING you showed enjoyment
That  you were having, well I think I could tell by your smiles.

Wow I thought with the kapa haka group. I loved it. I liked
 how the boys did the poi.When
it is usually girls.

All of the boys showed pride and your voices all worked
together and it sounded great.
One thing though how long did it take to practice for this amazing show.

Your sincerely Mya Wallace