Monday, July 24, 2017


Day 1

I felt excited packing my bag ready to go to wellington but before I get excited we need to pick up Jodie to drive her to daniverk. 1 HOUR LATER "Yay you are here Jodie welcome was that a good trip did you like it" asked clear in a nice voice. Ohk because on the way I went in the boot and got a really really sore tummy. Jodie said good I love trips and Max replied same.After we dropped of Jodie we went to MC Donald's and got breakfast and go toilet.

Before we left Mum looked on maps on her phone it said to wellington 2 hours 45 more minutes left. OH NO, because it took a long time me and max watched a movie sadly it was ice age 4. I keeped on watching the time we left at 9:15 am it felt like a long time but acculy it was 5 minutes. We reached 12 pm yay I look out the window we are in wellington.There were big building and a black tunnel on the way to the zoo.

The Zoo was great it took a long time to walk around there was fun activities like walking through the sheep touching and feeling animals. Feeding animals and  patting. Also like the Emu (ostrich) was not in its cage it was walking around.

After went to the hotel named CQ unpacked our stuff and went to food court and the mill to go for a big walk. "Man" i said its more packed then hastings. Came back facetimed my grandad then went to the hot pools on out floor in the hotel. 

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