Monday, June 20, 2016

Dance Club

Hi guys this is a post for you to remember that dance club is on every 2nd Friday remember that we do dancer of the week. That means the best dancer gets to get a certificate and gets a photo. Dance club is for any ages and please come to it we just play songs and the crowd fellows the leaders. If you want to request a song for us just comment down in the coomments please. The leaders are Me (Mya), Liske, Caitlin, Keighan.

See you at dance club.


  1. Great Job Mya! I like how you are persuading people to come to
    dance club also you made it sound cool! :)
    Keep Up The Great Work!

  2. Great post Mya. That post makes me want to come to dance club. That is really cool you are reminding people on your blog. I might come on Friday.

  3. wow that is a great peice of writing
    and I like how you really decribed how and what it is about.

  4. This is what my cousin Ezabella wants to do she wants to do hair by little mix.