Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sports fields

This week every one in maths had to do area and perimeter. The maths task was hard and easy but the thing that was hard was when I had to x 1/2 and 1/2.

This is my maths task


The perimeter of a rectangular sports field is 240 metres. Draw as many practical fields as you can. At least one of your plans should have a fraction on at least one side. Work out the area of three different fields.

Which field would give you the biggest area?

50 x 70 was my biggest area (= 3500m2)

Key vocabulary to understand:

  • Rectangular
All different field and an appropriate rectangle.

  • perimeter
Outside of the shape.

  • metres
One step or a meter ruler.

  • area
Inside the shape not the outside. To work out area you do LxW=...

My maths


  1. Great work Mya. Awesome how you challenged yourself with the multiplying of fractions!

    1. Thanks and yes it was very hard. Thanks for helping.

  2. wow mya that looks very hard but well done for using your fractions to work it out.