Monday, July 3, 2017

Maori hands

When I walked in the door of room 6 and 7 i was feeling so excited because it was Maori hand games. The people that were teaching us were Lucky, Jordan, Tamihana, Tu were teaching us Kururus (knuckle bones) wai (strings) Hei tama tu tama ( arm hand games) E hipi toi toi (Thumb games ) .
When we walked in they talked us what we were going to do and gave us a number. I started as a 1 and did the kururu's and learn't the 4 games. The games were called Kurupu, Kurupukarua,  it was hard and the end but easier at the start. Then I left to go to wai. We had the challenges and I won. Thank you for teaching us.

Here are the photos and a video. Hope you enjoy.

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