Saturday, August 29, 2015

Reading Response Parris Goebel

In the new literacy I am learning about Parris Goebel.
I am very proud of me picking this person because I love to dance.
This is what she looks like and her is a reading response about Parris Goebel.

Reading Response 1- Love Literacy Groups

Your name: Mya Wallace

Who have you picked for your artist?
Parris Goebel

Why did you pick this artist (explain your reasons well)?
Because I like to dance and she is a dancer (hip hop) and that she is very good and she is great to watch.

Include a picture of your artist
Image result for parris goebel

Include 4 facts you have learned about your artist from your first reading
  1. She does not see her family that much
  2. At just 22 Parris was a dancer
  3. She is in ReQuest dance crew
  4. She performs on stage with her crew

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Maxi turns 2

8th August my brother had his birthday he had a Peppa Pig cake and a number 2 with trucks on them. Here are some photos of Max I hope you like the photos.
 Max's Kindy cake
 Max has a Peppa Pig train choochoo 
 Peppa Pig is getting cut
Max in his car set cuddling Peppa

Monday, August 3, 2015

Van Gogh

For my maths task we did a data sort of thing and it was for Van Gogh and the other maths group is Miro.
I am doing this because I enjoyed it.
We were learning to use the data 
Wild About Juice
You will need Statistics L3, Revised Edition, P.1 to complete this task.

Statistics: WALT interpret data

For each of the statements the students made, answer this question:

  • Does the data support them? Explain why or not.
  1. Yes it is true because orange has the least amount.
  2. Yes Teina was almost right because 21 was sold on friday and 41 was sold on thursday.
  3. Yes they sold about 30 juices a day But Monday to Wednesday is closer  to get 30 juices.
  4. Yes that is true because it has more numbers.
  5. NO even though wild berries has 18 some people might of bought more but didn't count it probably
  6. It is maybe true but maybe it is not true we don't know.
  7. Yes it is true because Monday has 28 and Tuesday has 29 and wednesday has 31 so it is the same.
  8. Tropical = 27 x 2 = 54
      Orange and Mango = 57 x 2 = 114

Make up four more statements of your own based on the data:
  1. Lemonade is the 3rd lowest because it is just plan and it is 10 more than Orange, Orange has 5 and raspberry is 2 so that = 15 for lemonade.
  2. Juice is the 3 lowest and that = 7 and that is 2 more than Orange and that = 5
  3. Strawberries is the highest because 60 people loves Strawberries if this was not the highest Orange and Mango has 57.
  4. Raspberry is the least because only 2 people like it and the 2nd lowest is Orange and it has 5

How many boxes of each flavour should they buy? Explain why you decided this.
      27 x 2 = 54 = 3 boxes = 60
      18 x 2 = 36 = 2 boxes = 40
      57 x 2 = 114 = 6 boxes = 120
      16 x 2 = 32 = 2 boxes = 40
      27 x 2 = 54 = 3 boxes = 60
      5 x 2 = 10 = 1 boxes = 20