Friday, June 17, 2016

How to shot a netball.

 For those people that dont know how to shot a netball well have a look at my instructions.
It was very hard to do because you had to do it like nobody knew and you had to add and add.

How to shoot a netball

  1. Netball ball
  2. Your body
  3. Netball hoop

  1. Grab a netball ball put it in you hands and make a W with your fingers. But spead your finger out but not to far.
  2. Start by standing close and then when you get better you can start to move back.
  3. Point your toes to the hoop and aim for the hoop/rim.
  4. Hold the ball from the chest or from the head. Keep on aiming for the hoop.
  5. Launch the ball up with your arm muscles and aim for the other side of the rim. If you don’t know what the rim is- it is the thing that is like a circle holding the net.
  6. Jump if it rebounds and keep trying to get it in. If you get it in then step back. If you get it in again then keep on stepping back.


  1. Great instruction Mya. The instructions were clear.

  2. Great instructions Mya. That is a really cool post.
    Keep up the great work,
    Ruby :)