Friday, June 2, 2017

Proformance hastings boys high school.

Today I was so happy when we got told that Hastings boys high school. Because it was so great I wrote a letter to them.

Hastings Boys High School Letter

Dear Hastings Boys High school

My heart raised with the pacifica group you were
AMAZING you showed enjoyment
That  you were having, well I think I could tell by your smiles.

Wow I thought with the kapa haka group. I loved it. I liked
 how the boys did the poi.When
it is usually girls.

All of the boys showed pride and your voices all worked
together and it sounded great.
One thing though how long did it take to practice for this amazing show.

Your sincerely Mya Wallace


  1. that is a nice peice of writing that you write about the performance