Monday, July 24, 2017

My Holiday

Week 1
So far this holiday it has been fine I would rate it a 6/10. I been staying at my Grandads playing with my cousin chaise we watched the transformers movie then played digital games and last card. When I came home I went to help my Mum at kindy. Unfortunately it was raining so we were stuck inside playing play dough, Cars, Puzzles and more. On Sunday we desicied to go to flip out I loved it my highlight was all of the tramps but I mainly loved flipping into the foam pit. After this fun afternoon I went to play with my cousins. I had alot of fun this week. What will I do next week?

Week 2
This was a lovely week. I mainly spent it with my Mum at work. I walked to the library and art gallery with the kids. We got books out for the centre and teachers. In the art gallery there was this hut made out of cardboard. I was interested in the photos. For a couple of days I was home with my dad watching movies. We watched suicide squad and Star Wars 7. I asked my Mum if I could go to kindy because it was PJ and hot chips day. There was games to lay and prizes to win. I cleaned the windows and my room. I earned alot of money by selling lemonds for $1 a bag.  When the next door neighbours came over we played ball tag on the tramp.

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  1. wow mya that is so cool max looks cuute