Monday, May 18, 2015

A moment in time

Hey guy's with Miss Hill we did the moment in time writing. This is some of our writing.  All our class mates did it.This my Brief Moment writing.

Camp Kaitawa - A Brief Moment

WALT describe a moment for the reader
Success Criteria:
  • adverbs e.g. nervously, carelessly, carefully, quickly, slowly, nicely
  • descriptive language / onomatopoeia (sound words) e.g. boom, crash, pow, ahh!
  • range of sentence structures, simple, compound, complex, short and sharp
  • range of sentence starters e.g. I, He, Suddenly, “Watch out...
  • stick to the topic  - the moment. Detail supports the topic
show not tell - give the reader clues so they can infer my foot slipped down and hands gripped a hold”

I was feeling a bit scared, the pressure was building on me and I started to be nervous. As I was waiting to get a piece of peppermint leaves that Miss Hill had in her hands to give them to people. So we could do the challenge. It reminded me of eating tic tacs. it was actually pretty nice some people didn't like the peppermint leaves.
My face looks like I enjoyed it and so does Suzanna’s face.
Mya peppercorn.JPG
By Mya Wallace


  1. Love your choice of topic and what a great photo!

    1. Thanks Mr Moriarty.
      I love that photo too.