Monday, November 16, 2015

Scene Description

Week 1 term 4 we got to pick out of scene description, Charector piece or Speech and I picked scene description, My teacher was Mrs Love.
An example of a simile is He is as brave as a lion.
We have the things have to include. I meet my goal so NOW have a look at it.

Scene Description Mya
Success Criteria
  • Has strong adjectives
  • Different sentence beginnings
  • Different sentence lengths
  • A simile and/or alliteration
  • Has an introduction, body and conclusion
  • Thoughtful word choices
  • Use full stops, capital letters, question marks, and exclamation marks correctly.

I turn around and in front of my eyes I see the most beautiful scene. The first thing that my eye sees is the bright lights. The bright lights are as bright as the night stars. Reflections on the clear, shiny water makes it look like there is two bridges. When I visit this place, it has a beautiful colours and I never forget the colours. Its really enchanting to go there. The purple dawn covers the urban landscape. It is very magical. Due to the bright lights, it looks like there is a sunset happening. It’s the most magnificent place.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Kapahaka festival Year 4 girls

Hi and today I am going to share to you about the kapahaka festival. So I went to the year 4 kapahaka to profrom. My kapahaka teachers were  Mrs Lowe and Mr M. The waiata we did were Parkvale E, Hoki Mai, Tihore Mai Te rangi, tika tonu and we also did Tutira Mai nga iwi.
I learnt how to do the poi for tihore Mai Te rangi.
Here is a photo on the way there on the bus but we don't have black lipstick on yet in the photo there is Mya W Emma F and then Me. We have a moko.
Not my best Pukana by the way.

Meet Irene Van Dyk

On Saturday I went to the sports park to meet Irene Van Dyk. First we lined up but me Mum and Max just walked in the gate. We got heaps of stuff. When we walked in I saw Sophia and Ruby L but Mum spotted Irene Van Dyk. OMG she is so tall. I ran over so she could sign my bib GA and GS after that Mum took a photo of me and here. After that we went for a warm up Irene did it with us. Then we went to our age groups so we could do some activities one of the activities were with Irene it was called rob the nest . The other station I enjoyed was the relaxing under the shade  and that was with the lady that coaches the Pulse. I also saw Powerman and a mascot and the captain of the Pulse. Next we had a warm down.

Later I had to sing a chant and I had to do it in the microphone. I tried to win a netball t shirt by dancing, but I unfortunately I did not get on. After it was prize giving that was when we went home.  It has been a long day for me.

Magazine task

This week we did the magazine task.
We got to pick I wish my parents knew, Favourite thing this year, greatest life achievement and I picked What I want to be when I am older.
Pediatrician For Magazine


When I grow up I want to be a pediatrician so I can look after little people.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Parts of the yacht

This week we have been yachting and I am going to show you the parts of the boat if you forgot.
Have a look.

This is the parts of the yacht.
photo (2).JPG

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Art Exhibition

For my art I choose to do a blossom tree because I am going to be in the blossom parade.
Also when we had done our art we had to do an art description. Then record it and put it as a QR Code.
This is an imovie I did.
Have a look.

I hope you guys liked it.

I also for my art plan choose to do a blossom tree because it was coming up to the blossom parade. I was learning to make blossoms and get the good material. 
The art description looks like this 

My art is called Spring Is Coming. 
The art that I have done is a Blossom Tree.
It relates to me because spring is my favourite time of year.  
I choose this art because I am going to be in the Blossom Parade and my art also has blossoms.
I used a Hot Glue Gun, String and Crepe Paper to create my art.  
I made it by Cutting string, folding it, twisting then hot gluing and then I cut the coloured crepe paper and folded it and at the bottom I twisted it then I hot Glued it on to the Paper. 
My challenge was keeping it twisted when I was Hot Gluing it on to the A3 paper. 
 I changed the colours before I started the art because I did not like the dark brown branches. I changed it to a mixture of colours. 
The special feature was the string because not every art has string. 
By Mya Wallace 

Friday, September 11, 2015


Hi guys 
I would like to share with you my poem about spring.
It was for week 6 term 3 for the home learning Rimu Moriarty did. 
I hope you you enjoy. 

This is my favourite time of year, 
When the magic of spring starts to appear.

There are leaves on trees,
With BUZZING Bees.  

I see the green grass, 
We can play outside at last. 

Ducklings in the river with there mother, 
Following behind one another. 

I really do love spring,
It is the most magical thing.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Reading Response Parris Goebel

In the new literacy I am learning about Parris Goebel.
I am very proud of me picking this person because I love to dance.
This is what she looks like and her is a reading response about Parris Goebel.

Reading Response 1- Love Literacy Groups

Your name: Mya Wallace

Who have you picked for your artist?
Parris Goebel

Why did you pick this artist (explain your reasons well)?
Because I like to dance and she is a dancer (hip hop) and that she is very good and she is great to watch.

Include a picture of your artist
Image result for parris goebel

Include 4 facts you have learned about your artist from your first reading
  1. She does not see her family that much
  2. At just 22 Parris was a dancer
  3. She is in ReQuest dance crew
  4. She performs on stage with her crew

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Maxi turns 2

8th August my brother had his birthday he had a Peppa Pig cake and a number 2 with trucks on them. Here are some photos of Max I hope you like the photos.
 Max's Kindy cake
 Max has a Peppa Pig train choochoo 
 Peppa Pig is getting cut
Max in his car set cuddling Peppa

Monday, August 3, 2015

Van Gogh

For my maths task we did a data sort of thing and it was for Van Gogh and the other maths group is Miro.
I am doing this because I enjoyed it.
We were learning to use the data 
Wild About Juice
You will need Statistics L3, Revised Edition, P.1 to complete this task.

Statistics: WALT interpret data

For each of the statements the students made, answer this question:

  • Does the data support them? Explain why or not.
  1. Yes it is true because orange has the least amount.
  2. Yes Teina was almost right because 21 was sold on friday and 41 was sold on thursday.
  3. Yes they sold about 30 juices a day But Monday to Wednesday is closer  to get 30 juices.
  4. Yes that is true because it has more numbers.
  5. NO even though wild berries has 18 some people might of bought more but didn't count it probably
  6. It is maybe true but maybe it is not true we don't know.
  7. Yes it is true because Monday has 28 and Tuesday has 29 and wednesday has 31 so it is the same.
  8. Tropical = 27 x 2 = 54
      Orange and Mango = 57 x 2 = 114

Make up four more statements of your own based on the data:
  1. Lemonade is the 3rd lowest because it is just plan and it is 10 more than Orange, Orange has 5 and raspberry is 2 so that = 15 for lemonade.
  2. Juice is the 3 lowest and that = 7 and that is 2 more than Orange and that = 5
  3. Strawberries is the highest because 60 people loves Strawberries if this was not the highest Orange and Mango has 57.
  4. Raspberry is the least because only 2 people like it and the 2nd lowest is Orange and it has 5

How many boxes of each flavour should they buy? Explain why you decided this.
      27 x 2 = 54 = 3 boxes = 60
      18 x 2 = 36 = 2 boxes = 40
      57 x 2 = 114 = 6 boxes = 120
      16 x 2 = 32 = 2 boxes = 40
      27 x 2 = 54 = 3 boxes = 60
      5 x 2 = 10 = 1 boxes = 20

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Inside Out

Saturday the 18 July 2015
I am blogging this because I enjoyed watching the movie.
I went to the movie to watch inside out with my Mum we left my brother Max at Nana and Grandads house.When we got to the cinemas there was a big line that went to the door, but the thing I did not like was that some boys were kicking Mum and my chair.
Inside Out was about the emotions there were Joy, Sadness,  Disgust, Fear, Anger and there was Riley imagination person named Bing Bong.
This this is a picture and there names for who they are.

This is me after the movie finished. I had a photo with Minions.

I loved the movie inside out and I made a word art of the key words.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Maori games

On Wednesday the 24/06/15 I went to the Maori games. On Hei Tama Tu Tama I was so proud of myself for representing  Parkvale when I was vs a year 6 when I am a year 4.
In Hipi Toe Toe I went to the 3rd round but I lost.
Ezra won for Hipitoitoi.
Parkvale won for having the most children registered to play the games. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


For homework one week we did the plactic challenge. I did a slide for the extra for experts. I am going to show you what I did on the slide. Here it is.
I hope you enjoy this slide I made.   

Monday, June 22, 2015

Coffee design

I am blogging this because it is very interesting for some people that loves coffee and drawing.

Image result for darth vader coffee art by michael breach   Image result for darth vader coffee art by michael breach
This is some coffee ideas I found and it and it lasts about 3 minutes.
These designs are from Michael Breach.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Week 8 - Giraffe Art

I am sharing this because we did it with Mrs Hinde  and she gave me a really good comment.
We were learning to make a animal pattern for the animal that we picked.
 I picked a giraffe for my art to do.

The first thing we did was designing the animal that we are going to do.
Then we had to do the big copy.
Then at the end we colored and then stuck the animal on.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Canberra maths

I am doing this maths because we had the best teacher Mrs Hinde that helps you if you are stuck. 
We were learning to learn our times tables that we already knew to help us solve harder multiplication problems. 
This is what Canberra did for the maths questions.

This task is about showing how to solve multiplication problems.
Some students are setting up a school garden.
Do not use a calculator to answer the maths problems below.
a)   Hohepa planted 9 rows with 8 tomato plants in each row.
Show how to work out how many tomato plants he planted altogether.
9 x 8 = 72

b) Paul planted 7 rows with 20 carrots in each row.
Show how to work out how many carrots he planted altogether.

7 x 2 = 14 +  0 = 140
c)   Iritana planted 5 rows with 14 lettuces in each row.
Show how to work out how many lettuces she planted altogether.
5 x14 =
5 x 10 = 50
5x4= 20
50+20= 70
d) Doug planted 6 rows with 15 strawberry plants in each row.
Show how to work out how many strawberry plants he planted altogether.
6x 15=
6 x 10 = 60
6x5= 30
30 + 60 = 90


Friday, May 29, 2015

Save water poster

In week 5 Arthur's Pass they had to do a poster or a news article we could do it with a partner or a by our self. If it was good enough we could put it up around the school.
This is the poster that Shakayla and I did.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Emotive Writing

This is what room 21 has done with Mr Cooper in writing.

The music hits my heart as I was listening to the beats, I started to get worried. I was snuggling under my blankets on my Mums bed. I felt like I went through the glass door again and reminded me about my scar. I screamed AHHHHHHHHH! I got BIG chills. I did not know what was going on. I heard the big smash as the netball whizzed through the glass door. “OHNO what was that noise?” It must of been a burglar trying to break through.

I am a good golfer. No one can ever beat my family at golf (except for FAMOUS GOLFERS). The Music reminds me of when my golf ball went into the bush and dad’s golf ball went in front of the bush. It also reminded me of the first time I play golf, that is when I did the BIG hit. After I first played a game of golf, I went shopping and got my own golf set. That is how I can play as well.

Monday, May 18, 2015

A moment in time

Hey guy's with Miss Hill we did the moment in time writing. This is some of our writing.  All our class mates did it.This my Brief Moment writing.

Camp Kaitawa - A Brief Moment

WALT describe a moment for the reader
Success Criteria:
  • adverbs e.g. nervously, carelessly, carefully, quickly, slowly, nicely
  • descriptive language / onomatopoeia (sound words) e.g. boom, crash, pow, ahh!
  • range of sentence structures, simple, compound, complex, short and sharp
  • range of sentence starters e.g. I, He, Suddenly, “Watch out...
  • stick to the topic  - the moment. Detail supports the topic
show not tell - give the reader clues so they can infer my foot slipped down and hands gripped a hold”

I was feeling a bit scared, the pressure was building on me and I started to be nervous. As I was waiting to get a piece of peppermint leaves that Miss Hill had in her hands to give them to people. So we could do the challenge. It reminded me of eating tic tacs. it was actually pretty nice some people didn't like the peppermint leaves.
My face looks like I enjoyed it and so does Suzanna’s face.
Mya peppercorn.JPG
By Mya Wallace

Friday, May 15, 2015

Camp Kaitawa

When we were at camp we had Mya's Birthday (that's me). She (I) got heaps of lollies and chocolate. Here are my Slides.

Friday, May 1, 2015

I wish my teacher knew

In week 1 we did the "I wish my teacher knew" task and then put it onto the tracking sheet.My I wish my teacher knew is green now.

Thinking task

Read the sentence below. Think deeply about your answer.
Make sure your answer is something that your teacher does not already know!
Add it to the tracking sheet when you are finished.

There are some examples below.

I wish my teacher knew…..
That I am selling Feijoas and saving up for a guinea pig.
I just need $500 for the cage and I have $20 for the Guinea pig. Then have the rest for other things I need.

Friday, April 24, 2015


This was the ANZAC task that we had to do. My home room only had 1 week because we are going to camp.
This is the you tube video. That we are practicing.
ANZAC Task Week One and Two
Compulsory Task 1 - 7

Task One: When was World War I?
July 28th 1914 - November  11th 1918

Task Two: Name 10 countries that participated in World War I
  1. New Zealand  
  2. Australia
  3. Russia
  4. Belgium
  5. France
  6. Ottoman Empire
  7. Cook Island
  8. Sabria
  9. Turkey
  10.  Niue

Task Three: When was World War II?

Task Four: Name 10 countries that participated in World War II
6. China
7. Greece
8.  India
9.The Netherlands
10.New Zealand

Task Five: ANZAC is an acronym - what does it stand for?
Australia New Zealand Army Corp

Task Six: Name three other acronyms and what they stand for
1.FYI For Your Information
2.RNZAF Royal New Zealand Air Force
3.IRD Inland Revenue Department

Task Seven: Use this quiz site to answer the following questions

Where is Gallipoli?
Gallipoli is a peninsula of land in western Turkey

When did the first ANZACs land at ANZAC cove?
4.28am on sunday 25 April 1915

Where did nurses serve in World War I?
Vladivostock, Burma, India, Persian Gulf, Egypt, Greece, Italy, France and England.

Choose two out of Task 8, Task 9, and Task 10

Task 9: Listen to the audio of “The Last Post” Click here Write down how it makes you feel. This should be a mini paragraph.

When I listen to it it made me sad.
Because the people that died in the war is sad too.
That is all I could think of  listening to it.

But it still makes me happy.
The part that makes me happy is the first 3 bars in the music.
It sounds like pipe blowings.

Task 10: Watch the video on how to make ANZAC biscuits. Turn the sound off on your computer and Click here. Record how to make them - use your eyes to watch and NOT your ears to listen.

1 cup of oats
1 cup of plain flour
½ of baking powder
1 cup of white sugar
Then you stir stir stir till it is miket
150 m of butter
2 tablespoon of golden sourp
2 ½  teaspoon of baking soda
2 teaspoons of boiling water
Then stir it again
Then stir the butter and the golden syrup together
Then put the water and the baking soda with the butter and golden  syrup
Add everything and stir it good
roll it up in a try with the baking sheet
Then push it down  
Then put it in the oven