Monday, November 16, 2015

Scene Description

Week 1 term 4 we got to pick out of scene description, Charector piece or Speech and I picked scene description, My teacher was Mrs Love.
An example of a simile is He is as brave as a lion.
We have the things have to include. I meet my goal so NOW have a look at it.

Scene Description Mya
Success Criteria
  • Has strong adjectives
  • Different sentence beginnings
  • Different sentence lengths
  • A simile and/or alliteration
  • Has an introduction, body and conclusion
  • Thoughtful word choices
  • Use full stops, capital letters, question marks, and exclamation marks correctly.

I turn around and in front of my eyes I see the most beautiful scene. The first thing that my eye sees is the bright lights. The bright lights are as bright as the night stars. Reflections on the clear, shiny water makes it look like there is two bridges. When I visit this place, it has a beautiful colours and I never forget the colours. Its really enchanting to go there. The purple dawn covers the urban landscape. It is very magical. Due to the bright lights, it looks like there is a sunset happening. It’s the most magnificent place.


  1. I really like the photo what you posted it has a cool sun set Mya

  2. That scene is beautiful. Good job on your writing!!!
    Well done!!

  3. That's is a beautiful photo and a awesome descriptive writing piece!

  4. That is a pretty photo and i like the lights