Friday, May 22, 2015

Emotive Writing

This is what room 21 has done with Mr Cooper in writing.

The music hits my heart as I was listening to the beats, I started to get worried. I was snuggling under my blankets on my Mums bed. I felt like I went through the glass door again and reminded me about my scar. I screamed AHHHHHHHHH! I got BIG chills. I did not know what was going on. I heard the big smash as the netball whizzed through the glass door. “OHNO what was that noise?” It must of been a burglar trying to break through.

I am a good golfer. No one can ever beat my family at golf (except for FAMOUS GOLFERS). The Music reminds me of when my golf ball went into the bush and dad’s golf ball went in front of the bush. It also reminded me of the first time I play golf, that is when I did the BIG hit. After I first played a game of golf, I went shopping and got my own golf set. That is how I can play as well.

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