Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Art Exhibition

For my art I choose to do a blossom tree because I am going to be in the blossom parade.
Also when we had done our art we had to do an art description. Then record it and put it as a QR Code.
This is an imovie I did.
Have a look.

I hope you guys liked it.

I also for my art plan choose to do a blossom tree because it was coming up to the blossom parade. I was learning to make blossoms and get the good material. 
The art description looks like this 

My art is called Spring Is Coming. 
The art that I have done is a Blossom Tree.
It relates to me because spring is my favourite time of year.  
I choose this art because I am going to be in the Blossom Parade and my art also has blossoms.
I used a Hot Glue Gun, String and Crepe Paper to create my art.  
I made it by Cutting string, folding it, twisting then hot gluing and then I cut the coloured crepe paper and folded it and at the bottom I twisted it then I hot Glued it on to the Paper. 
My challenge was keeping it twisted when I was Hot Gluing it on to the A3 paper. 
 I changed the colours before I started the art because I did not like the dark brown branches. I changed it to a mixture of colours. 
The special feature was the string because not every art has string. 
By Mya Wallace 


  1. Very good art. I like you did it of your favourite season.


  2. well done! Mya I love your video it is amazing