Saturday, November 14, 2015

Meet Irene Van Dyk

On Saturday I went to the sports park to meet Irene Van Dyk. First we lined up but me Mum and Max just walked in the gate. We got heaps of stuff. When we walked in I saw Sophia and Ruby L but Mum spotted Irene Van Dyk. OMG she is so tall. I ran over so she could sign my bib GA and GS after that Mum took a photo of me and here. After that we went for a warm up Irene did it with us. Then we went to our age groups so we could do some activities one of the activities were with Irene it was called rob the nest . The other station I enjoyed was the relaxing under the shade  and that was with the lady that coaches the Pulse. I also saw Powerman and a mascot and the captain of the Pulse. Next we had a warm down.

Later I had to sing a chant and I had to do it in the microphone. I tried to win a netball t shirt by dancing, but I unfortunately I did not get on. After it was prize giving that was when we went home.  It has been a long day for me.

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