Monday, May 29, 2017

Quick Write

One day at 5 pm i was stuck in a dairy with the shop owners gone. I thought about eating the 
lollies but that is rude.

Next thing I know I was behind the counter starting to eat the lollies
For a minute I thought it was rude but its fun. I made
my way through 1/2 of the shop i have 
a sore tummy but

OH  NO i cried there was a van with bananas and WHAT monkeys. 
They walked in I tried to hide. But unfortunately the found me.  

"Hey you there :" They yelled What are you doing stealing my lollies. 
I didn't   know what to say so I mumbled. 
I was making a fool of myself. I just couldn't believe monkeys were the owners. 

They called me a thief and threw me into the banana van I was so scared. I was in there for a 
long time . Because I was in there for a long time I started to eat the bananas 

The next morning well it felt like the next morning I was in

Banana jail is when your locked up with bananas every where and your in the pile and 
you can not move.

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