Friday, May 12, 2017

Kiwi Actives

Hey guys a couple of weeks ago Rimu hub had a great kiwi morning tea to donate money to save kiwis then we had a task to do about it. Here it is. It took me about 3 weeks or 2.

Kiwi Morning tea activities

Minimum expectation- 1 from each section.

Please complete one of these activities to your absolute personal best. All of these should be pieces of writing. There are planning templates on the writing wall for you to use. Please put the link to your writing under the question you have answered.

Success Criteria
  • Writing meets the purpose
  • Structure is appropriate for the purpose
  • Best possible words (scientific)
  • Punctuation supports the writing
  • Writing process is followed
  • A range of different sentence lengths/beginnings are used

1. Write a report about the kiwi. Do some research and structure your writing appropriately.

2. Write a persuasive piece of writing to convince people to spend money at our cake stall.

3. Write an informative piece explaining to others about what they could do to help save the kiwi. Research and structure your writing appropriately.

To save the national kiwis you can donate money so they can survive. The amount of money and what keeps them safe is $100 it saves the kiwis, $30 is one trap, $50 you can get the Kiwi have a health check, $75 keeps the kiwi from a roaming dog and $1,200 support on operating nest egg chick for its first year of life. Rimu hub made $820 and it saved 8 kiwis WHAT.

Another way you can save a kiwi is to come down to Rimu hubs bake sale. We are selling thing from 50c to $2. There are cute and yummy food. Also you can give extra money to save the kiwis. We have cupcakes. Biscuits and much much more. They are all delicious so come and check. Its in the hall at

4. Write a short story featuring a kiwi. Make sure it is structured appropriately.

5. (Difficult) Write an essay explaining why or why you don’t think the kiwi is a good representation of you.

Success criteria
  • Question is answered
  • At least a paragraph
  • Researched and factual
  • Edited and revised

  1. List 3 unique characteristics of the kiwi. Explain how each makes the kiwi special.

  1. Write down three natural predators of the kiwi. Explain how each is contributing to the kiwi population declining.

  1. Explain why/how the kiwi lives in it’s natural habitat. Why is this environment perfect for the kiwi?

  1. Draw and describe the life cycle of the kiwi.

  1. (Difficult) Each of these people can help the kiwi to live in the wild- hunters, possum hunters, farmers, pet owners, forest owners, businesses and schools. Find out how each can help, and create a series of informative pieces (any text medium) for each to let them know how they can help.

  1. Sketch a kiwi from an image you have found. Do this on an A4 piece of paper.

  1. Create a digital piece of art that features a kiwi.

  1. Paint a picture of a kiwi using the paint on the art table.Do this on an A4 piece of paper.

  1. (Difficult)Create a paper mache kiwi. This video might help you to get started

5. Build a kiwi out of materials at home, take a picture and upload it.

Digi skills

  1. Use a website like this one to create your own story featuring a kiwi. Share it with a student from our buddy hub.

  1. Build a digital kiwi. You could use the Chrome Lego Builder or Minecraft. YOU MUST HAVE SPECIFIC PERMISSION FROM THE TEACHER TO DO THIS TASK.
Screenshot 2016-11-21 at 12.33.18.png

  1. Create a kahoot about the kiwi. Make it challenging!  We will play the best ones as a class.

  1. Create an animation featuring a kiwi. Try using some of the animation websites on the symbaloo.

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