Monday, May 8, 2017

To the hospital

On Monday the 27th I went to roysten and had surgery. The surgery was to get my scar recut to make it look nicer. I couldn't eat from 6:45 to 11am. I had a big white plaster. Mum counted the stitches on my face and it had 50 and i have 50 under because it has got 2 layers of stitching. On both of my hands i got 7 stitches. Here are the photos of when I was in hospital and having stitches.

The scar was from when I ran through the ranch slider. The shape of the glass looked like me running but this part with a triangle that cut me.Then Mum dialed 111 and the ambulance got stuck by the train (railways) Then they wrapped me up like a marshmallow. I got rushed to the hospital and had to stay the night.


  1. OMG!!! that looks so pain full I would hate to do that you are so brave.good work Mya.

  2. that would of been hurtfull mya

  3. that would of hurted awwwwwwww sad you

  4. i sorry for that :( i hope it gets better :)