Tuesday, November 22, 2016

cultural evening

Kia Ora tama riki ma. Ko Mya Wallace Tuku ingoa. Hello everyone my name is Mya Wallace. Last week we had our Cultural evening. That is when everyone shows off there skills. We had Kapahaka, Pasifica and choir but not only those we had the finalist for photography and final winners for poetry. I was very nervous at first but I loved preforming. Then on Friday I got a postcard for "stretching her capitalising and perseverance learning muscles. and for participating in all the shows but 2. 1 I could not do and the other I cant sing good". 

My poem 
had a magic fish hook
with his foster brothers
paddled out to sea
in his waka. Hei!

took his magic fish hook
swung it round his head
threw it in the sea
said his karakia. Hei!

pulled his magic fish hook
tugged his magic fish hook
heaved his magic fish hook
Te ika nui, Hei!


  1. Well done Mya it's awesome that you got a postcard and I also really liked your poem you were great at the cultural festival
    Keep up the great work!!! ;)

  2. Hi Mya Wallace its Mitch here,
    I have been noticing you doing really well in class,
    and getting all of your learning tasks on the tracking sheet ;-)
    You have been doing well, Keep up the good work

  3. you did really well with your poem

  4. Wow Mya!I love how you described the Cultral evening and talked about what was happening.At the end i liked how you put in youre poem and a photo of yourself.And well done getting the postcard!Keep it up!!! :D