Friday, June 17, 2016


This is my monkeys reading group task that I was doing.It was very fun it was about a plastic bottle village. Click here to see the dogo news article. Dogo news is very interesting it has very good articles on it click here to look at all the options there are.

Panama's Plastic Bottle Village
WALT ask effective questions
Here is the article on Dogo News.

  1. Read the article together. Try and ask questions as you read to help you understand.
  2. Watch the video after you have read it. Discuss any questions you have.
  3. Play the vocabulary game. Take a screenshot when you have completed the word find. Insert it here.
word search.png
  1. Choose three words from the vocabulary game. Find their meanings and write them below.

It is a noun and it is the things they make the plastic bottles out off.
It is an adjective and it is perfect (pure)
It is an noun and it is someone that manages and organizes stuff.

  1. Ask five effective questions (using what / why / how / where / when / who?) which help you and others to understand the article.


  1. When would it finish?
  2. Why were they doing that?
  3. How long do they take to finish?
  4. What other methods do they use?
  5. Where are they building the tower?

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