Thursday, August 11, 2016

My trip to Taupo

Hi guys welcome back from the holidays. This blog post is about my trip to Taupo, because in the holidays I went for a trip to Taupo with my aunty, cousins, uncle, mum, dad, my brother and 2 of my aunties friends. We all stayed in the 2 stories high bach. But we had seperate rooms. When we were there, my mum and Aunty with my cousin Kane, went to a shop and saw Liske but the other people and me went on a boat. My brother Max fell asleep on my Dad. It was so much fun.
When it was dinner the kids got McDonalds and the adults got an Indian dish and shared it with each other. My mum and aunt bought back a beanie with a dinosaur face with holes for the eyes and you put it over your face and Roar. My cousin Jodie got the same but an owl. My one is very special because I got a kiwi snow globe. After that we went to the bee hive and I got kiwi earrings

Say cheese.

 Photos outside of the honey farm
Inside the honey farm.

 me and max outside of the honey farm.
 Huka falls
 Aunty and Kane

 Selfie time

 Views out of the bedroom.
 Maxi came out of the slide
 Maxis new car.