Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Reading task

Hi guys this week we did a reading task about the fantasy. It was really hard and easy at the same time. My reading teacher is Mr Moriaty.
WALT activate our prior knowledge

What did you know about fantasy before reading?
I knew that it was like acting and drama.

What do you know about fantasy after reading?
It is a fairy tale.

Answer the 16 questions on P.38/39
  1. It was old/dusty and dented.
  2. Because Carly was stomping around in her house so much that is when her mum said “ to go outside.
  3. Taking a photo.
  4. She sent her brother to the real world by, she took the photo and then she sat on the same spot and she wished for it would be different if he wasn't there and then Carly look at the photo again and he was not there.
  5. Because she thought that it was the tree that gave her good luck.
  6. Probably because it was really old and looked like it was not safe.
  7. She was happy because she said” Thank you.
  8. She should tell her Mum.
  9. Because she is going on a long school trip.
  10. No because the garden is part of the house and the Mum said not to go over there.
  11. Jealous because she didn’t make the team. .
  12. No because it was in Carly’s dream and not Brody’s dream.
  13. No because if she tried harder she would have known she had more chance to get into the game.  
  14. Carly was thinking that she as good as Brody.
  15. No because he didn’t act differently.
  16. Gently rub the tree because it was quiet.

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