Friday, March 6, 2015

My special place

Week 5 we did writing and Mr Moriarty had My special place and Mrs Love had Rhino report  and Miss Plimmer had Diamante poem.

I went to Mr Moriarty and I went to My Special Place

My special place  

As I see the salty swish I start wiggling and jumping. I race to the changing rooms and put on  my awesome togs.

I go to the salty swish and start to jump over the waves.

I can see my uncle fishing, he has caught a snapper.

Over in the ocean are some men and women surfing where the fish swim.

I start to head back, my feet are sizzling on the sand.

I spot my tent site and hurry over, this is my special place.


  1. guess in the comments what you think it is

    1. The place that You think I writ a poem about

  2. I think it is the beach and lovely discretion you really did a great effort!