Monday, March 16, 2015

Dance mat typing

This website is about learning how to type without looking at your hands.  With your fingers on the home keys you have to correctly type the letters shown at the top of the screen.  There are fun graphics witch make it interesting to play. I think this game will be good at making you good at typing fast.

Level 4 pick one yourself

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My rating is 10/10

                      In the game

Start game

You get to pick what one you want to do
They all are very great!


  1. well done for doing extra for experts and I am totally trying out this game! and that is a really good post Mya

  2. WOW you have a great blog so far keep up the great work!!!!

  3. victoria sullivanMonday, March 16, 2015

    Its great that you are doing the extra home work.